Elder Empowerment:  Taking Back Your Life

An exploration of ways in which active elders can affect their volunteer organizations for good or for ill.  Based on  systems thinking, mindfulness and elder research, this workshop shows elders how to be  more positive and goal-oriented in their lives, achieving contentment and thereby ensuring that they have a positive  effect upon the systems they belong to.

"I did not expect to be inspired today, but I was inspired."

"Don Collett is an exceptional public speaker."

"very interesting, well presented"

"it got me really thinking"

"I wish my grown children could have attended"

“...we are parts of the work of art....we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itself.”                                                                                                                                                                                            - Virginia Woolf

Encountering Mental Health Issues in the Community

Morning Workshop for front line people in the community, including bus drivers, librarians, pool staff and community center workers.

Including a rationale for public service to everyone in the community, this workshop explores specific mental health issues, how to recognize them and what goes on internally in the sufferer.  Strategies are formulated for dealing with mental health issues in a compassionate and effective manner.

"This session was excellent."

"Content was both general and specific, but in the best way possible."

"Compassionate and open to group thoughts.  Allowed conversation to direct toward relevant content."

"Very engaging presenter!  I love the "open" philosophy."

"Excellent way of touching on the 'heart' of the matter (both literally and figuratively)."

"Excellent speaker, attentive and respectful to participants."

"Very open and collaborative."

"Facilitator made the environment open and light for such heavy subject matter."